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Things rather quiet on the birding front at the moment

10/08/2011 12:06

There seems little birding activity in our area at the moment but there are some signs of post breeding activities.

The stream that runs parrallel to Healy Road Ossett has been recently cleaned out of much vegetation (a good patch of Touch Me Not Balsam was an unfortunate casualty)and as a result we are finding that many birds are using it as a drinking spot.

This morning there was some 60 Linnets and some 38 Godfinches not to mention around 25 House Martins gathered on the wires above the stream descending regulary to drink.

Also nearby in the stubble fields below Chickenly there is a flock of some 150 Linnets with around 40 Goldfinches and 34 greenfinch feeding there.

Keries Food Factory Reserve is rather quiet but there is both Green and Common Sandpipers on the river there this morning and there is also 2 great spotted woodpeckers coming regulary to the feeders on the Reserve.

On Dewsbury sewage works there is stil to many corvids with some 85 Carrion crows nd at least 70 Jackdaws.On the fiter beds Pied wagtails are building up with around 42 birds this morning with 5 Grey Wagtails .Warbler numbers are stil down on previouse weeks but garden warbler and Reed Warbler were present this morning.

There is 3 Grey Partidges on the compost heps tghis morning.