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Thornhill Wetlands still holding good numbers of small birds

27/07/2011 13:19

With allmost windless conditions in the valley this morning there was markedly less activity in the valley.There are still good numbers of Phylloscopus Warblers around Dewsbury Sewage Works particulary at the centre area of the old works which had around 25 Phylloscs and around 30 Common Whitethroats.There are still 3 Mandarins on the river with 1 male and 2 female birds.

Kerries reserve still holds over 100 chaffinches(nearly all of which are feeding in the first wooded part of the reserve.At least 85 Goldfinch and around 90 to 100 Greenfinches are continually in the bushes around the feeder trees.

Warbler numbers are still impressive with around 30 Phylloscopus Warblers and some 28 Whitethroats but no sign this morning of either Lesser Whitethroat or the small party of Willow Tits seen earlier in the week.

Both Sedge Warblers and Reed Warblers are feeding young on the wing inside the central part of the reserve with one of the Sedges being very obliging as it gathered mouthfulls of foood for its youngsters(see photogallery.