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Todays news

11/09/2012 19:47

A trip to Thornhill Rectory Park this morning at 09:00 was at first very disapointing.The fresh South Westerly winds made birding in the park difficult at first but once i got to the central copse at the Eastern end of the park birds started to appear.

There was at least 4 Chiff Chaff in the copse all feeding frantically.18 Long Tailed Tits were feeding alongside some 22 Goldfinch with the odd Great tit and 4 Blue Tit.A Treecreper arrived at 09:35 accompanied by a single Nutatch and around6 Blackbirds.

An immature Common Wheatear was at Ossett Sewage Works tonght at 15:40 hours feeding amongst the horses in the old filter bed sites.

A Common Tern was at Horbury Wyke on the 9th of September and 5 Grey Partridges were on Horbury Sewage works yesterday at 17:10 hoursalong with 2 immature Whitethroats.