Its worth a visit

Trujjeray 20/03/2011

26/03/2011 16:15

Arrived at Trujjerey at around 09:15 hours.It looks like it coud be another scorcher today.

Our first bird was White Fronted Black Chat alarming and behaving very adjitatingly on the wall of the first compound.

A male Copper Sunbird was feeding very buisily aside the compound wall and a male Veillots Barbet gave excellent views as it was feeding n the small fig Tree next to the car parking facility.

Around 10 Yellow Fronted Canaries were flushed from the ground and continued to feed in the Fig Tree as we passed along the bordering wall to the right hand side of the first compound.

First impressions were of a slightly quieter situation to what we had experienced in November of last year with no sign of the Masked Weavers on the site and also the absence of a singing Whistling Cisticola which was so dominating on the site for our previouse visit.

However the sight of an Osprey tearing away at a newly caught fish quickly upped our spirits.

A male Splendid Sunbird was our next observation giving excellent views but alas proving elusive to my camera lens.8 Lavender Waxbills rose from the ground and alighted on the wall of the second compound to give  excellent views.

Next in our notebook came 2 Northern Crombeck buisyly feeding but as usual proving almost impossible to capture with the camera.

4 Chestnut crowned Sparrow Weaver were a welcome surprise with 2 males and 2 females giving great views for all present.Next along came 4 Purple Glossy Starlings and 2 Black Wood Hoopoes the latter we have not encountred at any site except Yumdum fields and Tendaba but on this occassion showng extremely well and giving great opportunities for our cameras.

Abbysinian Rollers appear to be a little thin on the groud with only one bird seen this morning but the Blue bellied species was present with 7 birds displaying very impressively indeed and in some cases chasing off the opposittion especially Pied crows and Hooded Vultures.

Other species of interest noted 2 Klaases Cuckoo,2 African White eye,3 Bearded Barbets,2 Dark Chanting Goshawks,2 displaying Lizard Buzzards,2 Grey Woodpeckers ,3 Striped Kingfishers and at least 8 Yellow Billed Shrikes