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Tuesday 9th November The journey back from Tendaba to Sennagambia

03/12/2010 16:28


After taking breakfast at the Tendaba Camp resteraunt we began a slow journey back to Easy Time at 0930 stopping at the bridge stopping near Dumbutoo.

25 European Bee Eaters were soaring above the road were the Tendaba camp track joins the Trans Gambia Highway.There was single Grashopper Buzzard,4 Abassynian Rollers,3 Fork Tailed Drongo,2 Shikra,2 Dark Chanting Goshaw,4 Yellow Fronted Canaries,8 Senegal Parrots,12 Yellow Billed Shrikes,2 Scarlet Chested Sunbirds plus a fly past of 14 Pink backed Pelicans between the camp and the main highway.

On reaching the bridge crossing we had a short brea and a drink as the heat was just beggining to affect us.

Again there appeared 4 Bateleur Eagles soaring over the river,2 pairs of Wire tailed Swallows were ferrying nesting material underneath the bridge and there was a total of 32 Palm Swifts flying high over the river.2 Ospreys were fishing on the river with 16 Hooded Vultures(this species still appears to be thriving in the Gambia but we got no records of White Backed Vulture this time).

Back on the road again first bird past the security checkpoint was a Rufuos Crowned Roller on the wires with 2 Yellow Billed Shrikes and a Red Billed Hornbill.At Gampakte village there was several raptors soaring and a quick chec produced single Martial Eagle,3 African Harrier Hawks,2 Booted Eagles and 2 displaying Dark Chanting Goshaws.Also there was 3 displaying Mottled Spinetail Swifts chasing between the village buidings.34 Little Swifts were in the air and single Grasshopper Buzzard was keeping watch at the side of the road.Some 500 yards down the road from the village we stopped again to lookat 2 Grey Kestrels on wires while below was 3 pairs of Northern Red Bishops,2 more Grasshopper Buzzards,2 Plantain Eatersand 3 Red Billed Hornbills.

At Ferreba village we had our first Winchat and a single Lanner Falcon flew overhead as we approached Serrekunda near Abuko Nature Reserve.