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A walk from Lamin Village to Lamin Lodge East to West 25/03/13

27/03/2013 13:24

This took place around 09:30 onwards arriving at Lamin Lodge at noon.

In our compound first thing 2 Bronze Winged Mannakin,2 Red Eyed Doves,2 Palm Doves,1 Gonolek.

4 Plantain Eaters were in flight above the compound and a single Lanner was hunting from compound to compound more or less at around 30 ft high trying to surprise some of the domestic fowl of which there are plenty.3 Beautyful Sunbirds are chasing each other  on the first main road crossing (which is a brand new road through Lamin central) and thre are 2 displaying Shikra chasing and flying in syncho overhead(cant wait to see the pictures on screen.2 Yellow Billed Shrikes are on the wires above the small grocers shop(which sells great ice cold beer at the new price of around 50p a pint).There is a small colony of some 5 pairs of Hooded Vultures oppositte the shop also with 5 Plantain Eaters are in the same tree.

Beyond this shop and towards Lamin Lodge the land suddenly becomes more wooded and sheltered and bird numbers increase.There are plenty of Long Tailed and Purple Glossy Starlings as well as 5 Red Billed Hornbills in the first compound behind the shop

Amongst the first patch of secluded woodland one comes across a unique place called the Comocunda Bee Farm.This is unique because all of the box hives have been hoisted high in ti the trees either to avoid theft from humans or some other creatures.There are good numbers of Little Bee eaters around this site but they dont seem to hang around the Hive area apparently ptrfferimg to hang about its borders.

As we approach the edge of Lamin Lodge a Black Shouldered Kite alights on the nearby trees alarming as it is straight away pestered by a Hooded vulture.It flies off frequently to return around every 2 minutes or so,A Black Crowned Tschagra is in full song and there are several Senegal Coucal in the nearby hedge.Yellow Fronted Tinkerbird is also on view as are 4 Whimbrell,2 Shikra,18 Bronze Winged Mannakin and 2 Hammerkop.Both Red Necked and Lanner Falcon were noted on our return to the compound by 16:00.

A Mottled Spinetail Swift circled our compound in the evening and this was followed by good numbers of very large Bats all flying to the East right up to dark