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Warbler numbers much diminished in our local patch( possible early dispersal) ?.

30/07/2011 19:49

It is suddenly very noticeable in our part of the Calder valley how the good numbers of certain species such as Whitethroats and Phylloscopus Warblers have declined over the past few days.If this is due to end of season dispersal then it would appear that the dispersal is happening much earlier than in previouse years.

Usualy Whitethroat numbers peak during the first 2 weeks of August as is the case with Willow Warblers and Chiff Chaffs .But so far this year the signs are that this build up and dispersal of birds is happeninmg a week to 10 days earlier than in previouse years.

This is so much more noticeable around the Kerries Foods area and Westwards towards Dewsbury where only a week or so ago the totals for both species was well into double figures and beyond.

This morning ther was only a handfull of both Whitethroats and Phylloscs.

Perhaps the long dry Summer has been a contributer to this as many of the birds have long since finished their breeding.

The same sems to be the case with local Swifts and Hirrundines as for several mornings last week there was good numbers of birds sat on wires(up to 60 Swallows and 30 House Martins) ouside where I live.

Meanwhile there are still 3 Willow Tits visiting the central area of Kerries reserve at Ossett with good numbers of Greenfinches (some 100+)Goldfinches (at least 90) and Chaffinces (slightly reduced but still around the 75 mark).