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Warblers begin to gather

30/07/2016 15:13

Contarary to what I expected Phylloscopus Warblers are beginning to increase in number around the boundary fence of Dewsbury Sewage Works for their annual build up with the arrival of millions of tiny black flies which are blown on to the steel boundary fence from the nearby filter beds.

This morning at around 08:30 there was a count of some 32 Chiff Chaff ( 15 in a single bush ) along with some 11 Willow Warblers and 15 Common Whitethroats.They also show a tendency to feed on the very abundant Giant Hogweeds growing in the vicinity also some of which where covered in the tiny flies.

There are 3 family parties of each Pied and Grey Wagtail on the works the pieds having to feed 8 juvenile birds and the Grey Wagtails just rearing 5 youngsters.

There is a single Green Sandpiper on the banks of the river Calder just below Mill Bank Thornhill.

The first young of local breeding Common Buzzards have left the nest with 2 youngsters floundering trying to fly at one secret location today

There is a party of young Goldfinches(4) being fed on the wing just below Pioldacre Chickenley at the moment.