Its worth a visit

Water Rails.An unexpected beneficiary from excess bird food being spilt from our bird feeders at Ossett

25/02/2013 15:49

Whilst filling the bird feeders in the centre of Kerries Reserve at Ossett I couldnt help but notice the amount of largeish bird prints in the mud below the feeders.The mud was awash with variouse spillages from the feeders including Sunflower and other types of bird seeds.

The footprints were all quite fresh so I decided that on my return to view the area from the Northern edge of the Reserve.An hour later I crept up to have a sneaky look on to the feeding area  and was surprised to see 2 Water Rails buisily foraging around beneath the feeders frequently chasing each other off the area every 5 minutes or so but quickly returning to continue their meal.

This area has free running water from a local spring and rarely freezes and this development should be a great benefit for the survival chances of these secretive birds.