Its worth a visit

What a difference a week makes.

06/05/2021 12:10

How noticeable this morning that the local hedgerows are much more lively with birdsong.On leaving my car in Healy Road Ossett the first sound I hear is of a singing Common Whitethroat with its distinct scratchy song.In total there where singing Whitethroats around the Healy Road Healy Mills area along with 4 singing Blackcaps ,2 singing Garden Warblers,3 Willow Warblers and 4 Chiff Chaffs.

In lower Pildsacre this morning there is one singing Reed Warbler,3 singing Song Thrushes,4 singing Wrens and 3 Common Buzzards the latter all being sat on fence posts and flushing only at the last minute.

Dewsbury Sewage Works was playing host to around 700 Hirrundines at 09:00 this morning with around 350 House Martins,150 Sand Martins150 Swallows and at least 50 Common Swifts

There is a single Green Sandspiper on the River Calder below Earlsheaton and at least 2 Kinfishers searching for food around the same area.

Its worrying that there has been no sightings in the last 3 weeks of Barn Owls at a time when at least should be busy hunting and feeding its partner at its nest site.