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Wheatear turns up at Horbury Junction and Sand martins back at local colony

21/03/2019 13:01

A Wheatear is feeding in a field of horses at the bottom of Dudfleet lane Horbury junction this morning.The bird first appeared at 11:10 perched on a metal gate at the bottom Easterly corner of the field before flying to start feeding amongst the 6 or so horses at the upper part of the field.It was still in the field at 11:40.

3 Sand martins are frequenting last years colony below Mill Bank Thornhill this morning.Earlier in the week the colony site was under water with the recent heavy rains bur now they are back well above water level.

There are still at least 52 Teal on Dewsbury Sewage Works along with 8 Gadwall,8 Widgeon 12 Shoveller and 14 Mallard.A single Green Sandpiper is on the River calder around the saville town area and there are 2 singing Chiff Chaff in lower Pidacre/Chickenley area.