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Whitethroats and Blackcaps allready feeding chicks on my local reserve at Ossett

20/05/2011 07:59

Yesterday 2 pairs of Whitethroats and a single Blackcap were regulary delivering food into known nesting sites indicating that both species had allready small chicks in the nest (see photogallery)..Also on the reserve 2 Blue Tits at different locations were retrieving white faceal sacks and were also delivering food at short intervals.

A fifth brood of Mallard with 10 ducklings have appeared just oppossite the Kerrys Factory on the calder so in spite of the obviouse predation by Carrion Crows at least 5 birds have bred successfully so far on or adjacent to the reserve. 

Also despite the prescence of motor byke scramblers around the nearby sand martin Colony ther still seems to be at least 30 Sand Martins entering burrows on the nesting site.