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Whitethroats back on local breeding sites

23/04/2021 11:01

There are 2 singing Whitethroats this morning on local breeding sites.Both sites are in lower Pildacre with one bird in full song on the edge of the margerine factory just off Healy Road Ossett and the other just before the security gate to Dewsbury Sewage works.

Also this morning now 5 singing Willow warblers,4 singing Blackcaps and 4 singing local Chiff Chaff on the banks of Horbury Marshalling Yards.

There are 2 pairs of Bullfinches building nests in the lower Pildacre area and 2 pairs of both Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush feeding small young near the bottom of healy Road Ossett.

Its worrying that there has been no sightings of Barn owls over the last few weeks from their usual feeding areas in early evening.After 3 years of succesfull breeding it will be sad if the birds have deserted their usual breeding site where human activity has been on the increase particulary dog walkers.