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Willow warbler singing on local Sewage works

14/04/2015 16:21

A Willow Warbler was singing in the centre of Dewsbury Sewage works this afternoon.Of all the birds that signal the arrival of Summer Time the Willow Warbler takes a little beating.Mill Bank Thornhill is usualy a good place to hear Willow Warblers in song as they filter in to the valley during the second half of April.Also the area around mill Bank is so quiet that bird song can be heard many hundreds of yards away.

Sand Martins appear to have arrived back in strength with last years colonies showing a marked increase in numbers.A local colony of 4 pairs last year has at least 38 birds prospecting at the moment and another which had some 30 pairs last year has at least 80 birds prospecting at the moment.

13 Tufted Ducks are on Dewsbury Sewage works at the moment as are still 42 Teal and 4 Shoveller.Newly arrived are 3 Gadwall and 2 pairs of Little Grebes.5 pairs of Coot are also on the Sewage Works.

2 Bullfinch are coming to feeders on Kerries reserve Ossett along with single Great Spotted Woodpecker.2 pairs of Kestrels are at the moment displaying in the valley not far from Dewsbury town centre and 32 pairs of Goosander are on the River calder between Ossett and Dewsbury.

2 Oyster Catcher are on Dewsbury Sewage Works.