Its worth a visit

Yesterdays local bird news.

01/06/2011 10:03

What a surprise this morning.As I approached Thornhill Wetlands Reserve at Ossett the first sound I heard was that of a Cuckoo calling from within the reserve.

I had all but given up hope of seeing this species this Spring and how gratifying to see the bird in flight as I put on my i Pod with the variouse calls of the Cuckoo.

i was on the reserve primarily to try to obtan pictures of a Willow Warbler going down to its nest to feed its chicks in the centre of the Reserve aand was suddenly aware of a bird singing in the nearby clump of bushes/reeds which I instantly recognised as been the partial song of a Cettis warbler.

After finding and activating my i Pod which I nowadays allways carry with me I straight away played back the sound of a cettis warbler in song and the bird replied straight away.

The bird was very difficult to get a view of as it continuously dived in to cover and disapeared from my view but after half an hour the bird stopped responding and I never heard it again.I shall try again tommorow.

On the Reserve this morning there is 3 pairs of blackcaps feeding young.4 pairs of Whitethroats feeding young and 2 pairs of Sedge warblers feeding young.There is a pair of Bullfinch visiting reserve every 1/2 hour in to the cenre copse of the reserve and must be assumed to be breeding.

On Dewsbury Sewage works there are now 4 pairs of Reed warblers breeding and 4 pairs of Whitethroats breeding within the perimeter fence but no sign now of Little ringed Plovers who I think have given up their usual habitat and gone elsewhere.

A pair of Oyster Catchers are present but are showing no signs of breeding activity and a superb male Mandarin was on the river at Dewsbury Sewage works(see photogallery).