Its worth a visit

Young Kittiwake a surprise find on the Calder at Ossett today.

20/08/2018 19:51

The area of the River Calder between Ossett and Dewsbury has produced many surprise birds over the years and now with its cleanliness and a very much imroved surrounding environment it appears at the moment to be on the up again.Never have I seen so many shoals of small fish splashing around the mid river pebble beds in turn attracting good numbers of Cormorants,Goosanders and now Little Egrets.

A last minute decision to have a quick half hour walk on theThornhill side of the Calder from Healy Road Ossett again produced a surprise.

About 250 yards along the footpath I came across a small Gull obviousely immature and very strongly marked black and white.Little Gulls are not that uncommon on this patch of the calder particulary after a series of Southerly winds.I allways try to photograph birds of interest on my local patch and this occassion was no different.However the rush to download images and put on line a bird of interest often in my case comes before properly checking a bird out  and on this occassion my initial identification was slightly out as i failed to notice the diagnostib Black half collar which is more often found on immature Kittiwakes which this bird proved to be.

Quite what a juvenile Kittiwake is doing going in and out of the willow trees on the waters edge i dont know." previouse records of Kittiwakes around Dewsbury have been adults following stormy weather on the coast.However this is a great bird to find nevertheless.

Also in the same area today 20 Cormorants,4 Green Sandpipers,8 Grey Herons and 2 Kingfishers.

Sand Martins have had a good year with 42 definate breeding pairs.14 definate breeding pairs of Reed Warblers and 3 breeding pairs of Water Rails as well as now 3 pairs of Common Buzzards all producing 3 flying youngsters