Its worth a visit

Young Merlin hunting in stubble fields close to Dewsbury Sewage Works

20/08/2011 18:50

An immature Merlin is harrasing the feeding Linnet,Greenfinch and Goldfinch parties which are feeding on stubble in the area just below Pildacre and Dewsbury Sewage Works.Feeding finch numbers have been increasing in this area for the last 2 or 3 weeks and this is the first record of Merlin in this area for a few years.

When good numbers of Meadow Pipits used to pass through in Autumn Merlins occassionaly used to accompany them but as the pipits have decreased dramaticaly over the last fewc years so has the records for Morley.

Anyone visiting should take the public footpath through Kerries Foods factory and stick on it until they reach the stubble fields.