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Latest Birding News from the Dewsbury area

24/01/2011 18:02


The latest change in the weather situation has brought many changes to the Dewsbury area.The water level on the River calder has dropped quite considerably and this is of immediate benefit to Eurasian Teal of which there are around 235 birds on or around the Sewage works.

All the Wigeon have disapeared apparently to the Pugneys area and allthough 16 Coots this morning were new arrivals all other Waterbirds have reduced considerably.

11 Goosander on the river at Earlsheaton this morning consisted of 3 very smart looking males and 8 Redheads.

2 Curlews are frequenting the fields around Millbank and there are still 8 Cormorants on the river by Dewsbury Sewage Wors.One wonders how long it will be before these birds start to establish breeding sites in this area.

On Thornhill wetlands this Morning 15 Greenfinches,5 Reed Buntings,22 Long Tailed Tits feeding in turn on the Fatball feeders with 3 Great tits and 8 Blue Tits.The 8 Robins that arrived on the reserve with the cold snap are down to 3 birds at the moment and ther have been no records of Woodcock for some time now.

The Barn Owl that was sat in the nesting box on the reserve was flushed out yesterday and hasnt been recorded since.

3 Goldcrest are still on the Thornhill Wetlands site