Its worth a visit

Peregrines looking very much at home on North Ossett Church

29/12/2016 20:42

I was fortunate on Wednesday this week to be able to spend an hour before dusk in North Ossett churchyard hoping that the recently reported Peregrines would make an appearence whilest the light was good enabling me to get some shots with my 500mm lens.Sure enough at about 15:15 hours a single bird appeared coming in from the North and making several passes as it inspected the roosting site prior to its other half arriving about 15 moinutes later.

Tonight they are choosing to perch way up on the latter half of the spire at a great height too far for me to get any decent shots but it was great just seeing them gradualy snuggling up closer to each other as the light began to fade.Presumably as it was such a cold freezing night in prospect the birds will eventualy perch lower down the church roof where they arent too much exposed to the elements.

The previouse morning a party of 63 Pink Footed Geese passed South Easterle over Earlsheaton at around 10:45.