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08/01/2011 16:41

A good morning in the Dewsbury area

A male and female Smew are present on the River calder near Dewsbury Sewage Farm today. Also a Barn Owl was discovered roosting in the same area this afternoon. Ducks are proving to be of interest on the Calder nerar Dewsbury with 40 Wigeon,31 Teal,3 Gadwall all within a few hundred tards from...


07/01/2011 19:53

Latest Local Bird News

A Short Eared Owl is spending the Winter in the fields behind the Babes in the Wood Pub in Woodkirk,Batley The bird has been seen by several observers over the last few weeks and it seems to spend its main time around the chemical tipWhich of course is very private and should not be approached.This...


05/01/2011 10:38

Local Birding News

A visit to Thornhill Wetlands and Dewsbury Sewage Farm yesterday produced interesting observations of Ducks on the river calder. A female Smew was swimming with a party of Goldeneye(of which there was 16 birds) this bird took off after being disturbed by dog walkers on the oppositte river bank.Also...


09/12/2010 15:24

Kotu Creek 2010-11-10 A trip to photograph some local species

My guide was tied up in a meeting with WABSA this morning so I had the opportunity to wander around Kotu looking for photo opportunities. There was 3 Broad Billed Rollers sat on the wires near the bridge and these were in excellent plumage and relatively easy to approach.Also in the sane area was a...


09/12/2010 13:39

Brief Road trip from Banjul to Cape Point 2010-11-10

  First stop was at the docking area just to the North of Banjul. The main drawback was the tide which was high on our arrival leaving little scope for observing waders on the estuary mud.Most noticeable was the abundance of Royal Terns which were in the area with several parties of 10 or a...


03/12/2010 17:11

Kelp Gulls reported at Bijilo

  Whilst in conversation with an English birder at Tendaba camp,the birder mentioned that he had 6 Kelp Gulls on the sea at Bijilo on the5th of November.


03/12/2010 16:28

Tuesday 9th November The journey back from Tendaba to Sennagambia

  After taking breakfast at the Tendaba Camp resteraunt we began a slow journey back to Easy Time at 0930 stopping at the bridge stopping near Dumbutoo. 25 European Bee Eaters were soaring above the road were the Tendaba camp track joins the Trans Gambia Highway.There was single Grashopper...


02/12/2010 15:49

Monday 7th November.Birding early evening till dark towards Kia West National Park

Owing to the midday temperatures it was decided to rest up from around noon till about 1500 hours and then we make our way slowly to Kia West national Park slowly birding on the way. We had heard reports that both Ground Hornbills and Coursers had been occurring in fields between Tendaba Camp and...


27/11/2010 16:10

Monday 8th November Tendaba Camp

A good start to the day with African Hobby soaring over the camp ,occassionaly harrassing the flock of Little Swifts (which numbered around 30 birds) were feeding above the wooden pier where the mangrove trips were getting ready to embark .4 Senegal Parrots were in trees behind the conference...


23/11/2010 17:52

Our Road Trip to Tendaba Camp on Sunday 7th of November 2010.

Allthough there is much development work going on in the Gambia and certain well known birding sites(eg the famous Nightjar site at Kololi) have been lost,generally it would appear that the number and variety of birds does not appear to have suffered much.Thyis can be seen when...