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04/04/2011 17:29

A day at Marrakissa on 23/11/2011

 As we had decided beforehand that this trip to the Gambia was not going to involve a trip to anywhere up river we instead planned to visit Marrakissa on at least two occassions to try and add new species to our photo gallery and in this aspect we turned out to be succesfull. However our first...


01/04/2011 15:52

Evening in the Garden of Hotel Limbus 20/03/2011

 After a good days birding it is nice to relax for an hour and watch the activity in the grounds of this and the next hotels gardens as the evening progresses. There are 16 Yellow Billed Shrikes feeding in the area directly in front of my bedroom balcony. These are quickly joined by 18 Green...


26/03/2011 16:15

Trujjeray 20/03/2011

Arrived at Trujjerey at around 09:15 hours.It looks like it coud be another scorcher today. Our first bird was White Fronted Black Chat alarming and behaving very adjitatingly on the wall of the first compound. A male Copper Sunbird was feeding very buisily aside the compound wall and a male...


24/03/2011 13:56

Abuko Nature Reserve Saturday afternoon (19/03/2011).

3 fanta Sawwing were hunting over the rather shrinking main pond in front of the main observation hut.A superb Black crowned night Heron was fishing in full breeding attire in front of the main hide.2 African Pied hornbills came close to the observation hide for about 5 minutes but i got the...


24/03/2011 13:52

A pure white Slender Billed Gull at Tanji

A pure white Slender billed Gull is frequenting the main beach at Tanji and we have obtaine some good images which we  obtained on Sunday the 21st march we will be shortly publishing the pictures in our photo gallery.


24/03/2011 13:32

Saturday 19th of March 2011 Breakfast at Lamin Lodge etc

Not too much traffic around Serrekunda this morning so our journey to Lamin was fairly smooth. A Namaqua Dove sitting in a small bush at the entrance to the lodge was a good start to the morning. 3 Sandwhich Terns were fishing around the main area outside the dining area to the lodge.Whimbrel could...


23/03/2011 07:58

2 New Species added to our photogallery

Marrakissa allways seems to turn up something interesting on our frequent trips and todays excursion was no exception. after a short walk around the edge of the birding camp area we came across a mixed feeding flock of variouse species.Predominately were Brown Babblers and and several Sunbirds...


22/03/2011 11:50

Thursday 17th of March birding around Kotu Creek ,Golf Course and the Sewage Ponds as well as the army barracks bulding behind the Sewage Ponds.

As we left our hotel 4 Red chested Swallows were on the wires outside my room with nearby 2 Fork Tailed Drongo,6 Common Bulbull,15 Speckled Pigeon and 2 Bearded Barbets.Hooded Vultures seem to be in the air more or less from first light as there was at least 12 birds over the hotel. After a short...


22/03/2011 11:29

Arrival at Fajjara at Hotel Limbus

After a tiring journey involving fog on the motorway to get to the airport *not to mention a windscreen wiper disintegrating in the light rain as I passed on to the m60 from the m62(I arrived at my Lodge at around 17/00 hours.The immediate impression was of a small hotel much neglected with a...


15/03/2011 20:10

Latest Local Birding News

Where have all the Mwadow Pipits gone.Normally at this time of the year we experience a steady passage of Meadow Pipits through the Calder Valley as they pass through the sewage works passing North West through Earlsheaton and beyond towards their breeding grounds.So far this Spring I have had all...