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19/04/2021 22:13

A brief call in at Far Ings Lincolnshire

It was nice to have a couple of hours to spare to call in at Far Ings Nature Reserve at Barton upon Humber this morning. For anyone wanting to see Bitterns this is as a likely as place to see them and out of seven visits so far Iv been lucky every time on one occassion even recording one flying...


16/04/2021 11:13

Sand martins not yet up to full strength but signs encouraging.

a good walk over the local patch this morning showed most migrants still slow to arrive in significant numbers but none the less encouraging. Sand Martins have now established another new breeding colony on the banks of the Calder although total numbers are so far much decreased on previous...


09/04/2021 11:05

Good to see Common Sandpiper making an appearence this morning

A Common Sandpiper is frequenting the River Calder at the bottom of Healy Road Ossett this morning.The bird flew down river from about 400 yards from the footbridge over the River and landed for a few moments on the pebble beds oppositte the industrial complex before continuing downstream. A Willow...


08/04/2021 22:30

Swallows return to local sites

2 Swallows where in the Asda car park in Dewsbury yesterday hawking with around 9 Sand Martins at around 9:30.% Swallows where with 11 Sand Martins around the border fence of Dewsbury Sewage works at around 10:20. There was 6 singing Chiff Chaffs around the kerries Foods factory area this morning...


30/03/2021 21:46

Getting back to business after a Horrible Year.

It is nice to get back into the field proper after many false starts and not knowing what places are accessible with some places completely blocked off from the public for different reasons. Some footpaths are still closed due possibly to too many members of the public walking with dogs  close...


30/05/2020 12:52

Return of the Egret

A Little Egret flew up the river Ca;lder below Earlsheaton this morning at 07:30.The river calder water level has dropped considerably over the last few weeks making feeding for a lot of birds more easy with regular sightings of birds catching fish more commonplace.Kingfishers are now more numerous...


27/05/2020 10:59

lockdown bringing nothing but benefits for Local Breeding Birds.

A female Sparrow Hawk was hunting around the brewers Pride public house this morning at 07:15 for abpout 10 minutes.2 Kestrels where on the wires at the bottom of Healy Road before chasing off towards Mill Bank Thornhill. 48 Herring Gulls where on the filter beds at Dewsbury Sewage Works along with...


23/05/2020 19:13

Good numbers of Swifts and House martins this morning

There was good movement of Swifts and House Martins in my part of the Calder Vakkey this morning. The engineering yard at the bottom of Healy Road Ossett held about 100 s wiftscontinualy moving Westerly and being replaced by other birds coming in from the East.This move,ment carried on up the...


13/05/2020 18:09

Cold Northerly Winds bring much lower temperatures to the area.

Its nice to see good numbers of certain Summer Visitors gathering to feed even if weather conditions feel mor like February than May. Good numbers of House Martins were feeding on and around Dewsbury Sewage Works and Mill Bank Thornhill this moning with one party of some 128/30 birds feeding on and...


30/04/2020 09:02

Common Sandpiper makes an appearence

A Common Sandpiper is on the rivers banking oppositte Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning.For about 2 minutes it was feeding alongside a Green Sandpiper before moving off slowly towards Dewsbury at around 07:40. Whitethroats are quickly getting up to strength with 8 singing males in the lower...